VIP Wedding Planning Suite for Destination Brides — Founding Member & Beta Tester

$97.00 Exclusive One-Time Payment Founding Member/Beta Tester

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Does everyone around you have an option about how YOU should plan YOUR wedding?

Are you tired of Googling for wedding planning advice only to feel extremely overwhelmed to discover conflicting information in a sea of infinite choices.

Would you like to save yourself hundreds of hours researching, save money some money and plan your wedding twice as fast than the average bride?


Learn To Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro

Dazzle your guests, relax and without breaking the bank!

Limited Availability until June 23rd!

Only 7 Spots Left!

Get everything in a one-stop shop - minus the stress

Gorgeous Wedding Planning VIP Suite Of Over 30 Printables, Downloads and Videos

  • Ultimate Check Sheets

  • Planning & Day Of Timelines

  • Wedding Lingo Cheatsheets

  • Invitation Wording Samples

  • 10 Wedding Planning Micro-Video Trainings To Help You Concur

  • Monthly Live Planning Sessions with Video Recordings for Playback

    (a $6,000 Value!) for Under $100


Beginning July 19th You'll Get Access To:

  • Monthly 60-minute wedding planning strategy sessions so you can overcome the ups, downs and destination wedding planning woes
  • Private Facebook group page so you can connect with fellow brides, creative partners who caterer specifically to destination brides
  • Weekly email milestones so you can stay motivated

Beginning July 19th You’ll Get:

  • Downloadable micro-video trainings with targeted topics so you can get real wedding advice on the go.
  • Over 20 printable checklists, timelines, cheat sheets, template you don’t find on Pinterest
  • Access to 12 suites with valuable and innovative ways to save money and plan your wedding with ease

What you'll walk away with:

A stress-free custom wedding planning suite that just as gorgeous as it is laser focused on planning helping you plan a wedding that will dazzle your guests and not break your budget — with
zero overwhelm.

Knowing all the secrets to planning your wedding like a pro (about) 43% faster than the average destination bride.

Spend less money and less time planning your wedding and more time doing the things you love.

This Wedding Planning Suite is For Destination Brides Who:

  • Are newly engaged and excited but feel stuck not knowing where to start
  • Feel tired of dealing with the family drama and the ups and downs of planning a wedding without support
  • Are a bucket of mixed emotions with frustration, anger and overwhelm
  • Enjoy the idea of engaging with a passionate group of like-minded brides and creative partners to help you plan the wedding of your dreams
  • Are worried about overpaying for their wedding
  • Have sooooo much to and wishes there was an Easy Button

What Brides Are Saying:

““Thank you so very much for all of your help. Our guests loved the hotels that you found for us and we were all surprised how easy it was for everyone to book their rooms. I was especially pleased that you were able to find hotels that would fit each guests preferences and budgets. We had a wonderful wedding and a night I will never forget, thank you again for helping us achieve that!””

Chrissy and Terry Baum, Bride and Groom

“ Veronica made the room block process for my wedding a breeze. I wanted to reserve rooms at different price points for my 250+ guests and Veronica handled all the leg work for me. She negotiated with the hotels for me and we wound up with amazing rates at two of the nicest luxury hotels in Miami. She is professional and attentive and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. Highly recommended!”

Lauren Pastrana, Bride

“Veronica, ha ha I used to think [wedding planning] looked more power to you girl! I should have hired you to handle it all!! ”

Christen, Bride Who Planned Without A Planner

“Veronica would be my definite pick for any wedding planning or event planning need you have. She and her staff were excellent, professional, affordable, and wonderful to work with. I do not have a bad thing to say! Service overall was extraordinary. I could not have gotten through the planning process and day-of without her. ”

Jillian, Bride

“I worked with Veronica to plan my wedding – Not only did she pick out a fabulous hotel with great deals, she was extremely efficient and timely in all of her communications – which was especially helpful since I was planning the wedding from out of state. If you are looking to reduce stress and have a no-hassle person working with you, she is your woman. 5-star service!”

Sara, Bride

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VIP Wedding Planning Suite for Destination Brides — Founding Member & Beta Tester $97.00 Exclusive One-Time Payment Founding Member/Beta Tester
Sales Tax:
Due Now $97.00 USD