Should I Get Engagement Photos?

One question I hear a lot is "Do I really need engagement photos?" Today's guest post is from an amazing Los Angeles based wedding photographer, Mercy Hasselblad. She worked with a smaller than "average" wedding budget herself and really considered whether or not to do engagement photos. Here are some things she discusses with her recently engaged couples. 


Photo credit: Mercy Hasselbald


Think About Your Invitations 

If you want your photo to be included with your invitations, a really nice, good-quality, romantic photo will make it go a LONG way towards looking high-class. If you're planning an invitation centered around a photo of you both, it can cut down on expenses if you have a really nice photo. 

Engagement Sessions Let You Show Your Style 

Years afterwards, I cherish my engagement pictures, sometimes even more than my wedding photos. I was so stressed out on my wedding day, and so was my husband. In contrast, our engagement photos show how...

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How to Plan a Hotel Wedding

Killarney Oaks Hotel—Kerry, Ireland

With the rising popularity of non-religious wedding ceremonies, more and more couples are choosing to host their weddings in hotel venues. This guide from the Killarney Hotels Group offers expert advice on how to plan a hotel wedding.


Hotel Wedding Venues: The Benefits 

There is an abundance of reasons why you should consider having your wedding in a hotel setting. Hotel venues offer incredible versatility and can cater to celebrations of all sizes and styles. In other words, you will have plenty of options to choose from no matter what kind of wedding you are planning. Another big plus is that hotels look great in photos, especially those that are based in picturesque locations. 


Which Hotel Should You Choose?  

Before searching for a venue, you will need to confirm your date, budget and guest list. While looking at hotels, make a point of recording their availability, cost, capacity, location, style and...

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Keeping The Mother of the Bride Happy, What Every Bride Ought to Know

Photo Credit: Kimberly Florence Photography


Once upon a time, a wedding could not be orchestrated without the help of good ol’ mom a.k.a the mother of the bride.

But in today’s day and age, more modern couples are choosing premarital cohabitation and to host the wedding themselves or opting to hire a wedding planner to alleviate the stress associated with planning such a momentous event. And with the groom’s family possibly pitching in for the cost of the event, it’s no wonder that mom may not quite feel the love. So where does that leave the mother-of-the-bride?

Finding the perfect caterer, booking the band, and providing exquisite decor, is no longer solely in mom’s hands, no wonder that she might be feeling a bit…out of the loop. And not happy about it one bit! So, how do we make sure that she is still involved in the wedding? In her own special way of course! Here are 7 fun suggestions that will make any mother feel important and make...

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