Should I Get Engagement Photos?

One question I hear a lot is "Do I really need engagement photos?" Today's guest post is from an amazing Los Angeles based wedding photographer, Mercy Hasselblad. She worked with a smaller than "average" wedding budget herself and really considered whether or not to do engagement photos. Here are some things she discusses with her recently engaged couples. 


Photo credit: Mercy Hasselbald


Think About Your Invitations 

If you want your photo to be included with your invitations, a really nice, good-quality, romantic photo will make it go a LONG way towards looking high-class. If you're planning an invitation centered around a photo of you both, it can cut down on expenses if you have a really nice photo. 

Engagement Sessions Let You Show Your Style 

Years afterwards, I cherish my engagement pictures, sometimes even more than my wedding photos. I was so stressed out on my wedding day, and so was my husband. In contrast, our engagement photos show how we used to dress, our unique style, and some of the places we loved during our early years. It also shows our giggly, puppy-love looks. It reminds me of who we used to be. 

Photo credit: Mercy Hasselbald


Engagement Pictures Can Be Taken Anywhere

Time constraints on the wedding day don't always let you go to the park where you met, or the overlook where you like to watch sunsets, or even your house. Engagement pictures are fun because we can go ANYWHERE. We could take a road trip to a national park if we wanted. 


An Engagement Session Can Let You Practice for Your Wedding Day

Along with helping you relax in front of the camera, an engagement session can help you get to know your photographer. As a photographer, I LOVE doing engagement sessions with my couples. I offer them discounted or free. Because when I've gotten to know a couple, gotten to know their personal style, and built a relationship with them, it really helps on the wedding day. I can be a quiet friend in the background and give you the cues that you responded to during your engagement photos. 

That's it! Of course, the negative is that they can be expensive. See if your photographer has any special deals or ways you could do a few engagement pictures, though. Most of us will work out a deal because honestly, engagement sessions are super fun and I love doing them for my couples! 

You can see my work on my website,! Feel free to drop me an email or a comment! All of these photos are mine, if you have any questions at all, I'm always up for helping with anything at all! 


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