Keeping The Mother of the Bride Happy, What Every Bride Ought to Know

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Once upon a time, a wedding could not be orchestrated without the help of good ol’ mom a.k.a the mother of the bride.

But in today’s day and age, more modern couples are choosing premarital cohabitation and to host the wedding themselves or opting to hire a wedding planner to alleviate the stress associated with planning such a momentous event. And with the groom’s family possibly pitching in for the cost of the event, it’s no wonder that mom may not quite feel the love. So where does that leave the mother-of-the-bride?

Finding the perfect caterer, booking the band, and providing exquisite decor, is no longer solely in mom’s hands, no wonder that she might be feeling a bit…out of the loop. And not happy about it one bit! So, how do we make sure that she is still involved in the wedding? In her own special way of course! Here are 7 fun suggestions that will make any mother feel important and make the planning process even more fun:

1. Storytime

Take some time to sit down with your mom and reminisce about her wedding. Look at pictures, laugh about the crazy trends of the past (big hair, even bigger dresses, and shoulder pads, anyone?). Ask about the most memorable stories from her wedding and nuptials. From bridesmaid drama to picking out her perfect gown, you’re sure to gain indispensable advice. You may even find some inspirational ideas for you to incorporate into your wedding!

2. Shopping Spree

We know how important it is to find the perfect dress for your wedding. But don’t forget, finding a stylish dress for the mother of the bride can be equally as important. Instead of leaving her to find her own dress, make a day of it! Brunch, mimosas, and girl time with the woman responsible for 50 percent of your genes. After all, she deserves it.

3. Custom Favors Just For You

If you haven’t already decided on your “special something” and Mom is particularly crafty, ask her to make you a commemorative memento to have on the big day. It will give her a useful project to occupy her time during the planning process, and you are sure to have a precious and meaningful gift that will always remind you of one of the happiest days of your life!

4. Mom's Fabulous Cuisine

Could you imagine living without your mother’s famous fare? Why not show your wedding guests what they’re missing out on and serve it at your reception?! The chef will be more than happy to make any recipes near and dear to your heart and will make sure to serve it with all the flair it deserves. Your guests will surely be begging her for the secret recipe!

5. Share Family Heirlooms

Ask you mom if there is a veil, garter or jewelry you may want to wear as your something old or something borrowed, such as a grandmother’s veil or an aunt’s earrings. If mom’s wedding dress or a grandmother’s is available then you may want to consider wearing it or incorporating part of it into your wedding day.

6. Plan and Host an Engagement Party

The parents of the bride traditionally host an engagement party if the couple wants one. As the host they’re in charge of booking the venue and vendors, organizing the guest list, ordering the invitation and overseeing all the other details, including making a speech or a toast at the party, greeting guests, and paying the bills.

7. Design and Decor

If you're anything like me you might think mom’s wardrobe may not be up-to-date and oh-so-trendy but then again, there’s a reason why Mom jeans are being slayed by every super model who walks the runways at NY Fashion Week. Consider asking for her golden ideas based on all the fashion trends she’s witnessed throughout the year, her ideas and suggestions may surprise you. Share your Pinterest board, color schemes and paint a picture with a few florals to get her opinion. Mothers have a special knack for seeing your vision with a different set of eyes. You might be surprised to discover the woman who gave birth to you knows you better than you know yourself.

So take a deep breath, and remember to keep calm and wed on loves!


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