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How To Choose Your Wedding Planner


 I love weddings! As a wedding planner, I love playing an integral role in one of the happiest days in a couple’s life, which is why 12 years ago I made it my career. Weddings, however, are about more than just love. It’s a billion dollar industry and frequently a couple’s most expensive day with budgets ranging from $5,000 USD to $100,000 USD and higher. Where does a bride begin planning? Knowledge is the key yet with so many ideas, recommendations, and changing trends, many brides are left drowning in a pool of “how to?” “how much?” and “where do I start?” Enter wedding planners. A seasoned, well-connected planner can relieve considerable stress, saving time and money by guiding you through the wedding planning process. A wedding planner wears many hats and plays the role of negotiator, money manager, logistics specialist, and walking Rolodex. Here’s, what you need to know in order to choose the right wedding...

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Holiday Wedding Myths You Should Know

Many couples choose a holiday wedding because it seems more convenient, they love the theme and want to spend more time with their guests.  But getting married is not always as beneficial as it seems.

In general, getting married on a holiday could be very expensive. Vendor availability is limited as well their prices are increased because you are asking them to work on a holiday. Vendors are people too and asking them to give up time with family and friends has a price. Even the government recognizes an increase pay on holidays. Am I right?


Not only do vendors and venues cost more on holidays too. With many parties on holidays, it's expensive to rent out space.  Imagine renting a rooftop bar in NYC on New Year's Eve, or a restaurant in Washington DC on July 4th? The price increases drastically.

Getting married on holidays takes much more planning, trying to locate the available vendors, couples must reserve their entertainment, venue, cater, up to a year in advance

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