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You have a vision of what you want

But do you have the knowledge and expertise you need to make it seamless?


Being a bride is the equivalent of being a full-time wedding planner, except with little experience, no time to plan, and what feels like you've got 267 clients all wanting different things.

With so many people giving conflicting opinions (based in their preferences) and so many decisions to be made you secretly long for support and put excitement back into planning such a special day in your life.
You wish there was someone to make wedding planning easy!

With over 25 years of experience as a Professional Wedding and Event Planner, here's what I've learned, brides-to-be:

  • Are severely distressed, reduced to tears, and utterly heartbroken when they price the wedding of your dreams and discover its more than they thought.  
  • Coping with family drama is making them wish they had eloped.
  • Feel frustrated by asking for clarification from wedding vendors because they do not understand planning lingo. 
  • Are terrified to spend so much money and not completely be guaranteed that their wedding will be what they wanted. 
  • Afraid they are sacrificing their ideal wedding because everything cost more than they expected. 
  • Feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and conflicting timelines, checklists opinions which is robbing them from enjoying planning the day they looked forward to their entire lives. 


Orchestrating a successful wedding takes layers of planning and months of juggling logistics. 

You only have one chance to plan your perfect wedding. You're scared of not being able to pull off their wedding the way you envisioned based on your budget.

With an infinite number of choices and tens of thousands spent on one celebration

Do you ever just want to give up?

Finally Eliminate Bridal Burnout Once and For All


  • CREATE a clear blueprint of the perfect wedding you envisioned based on your budget.
  • LEARN tips and tricks on where to save and spend to host a Instagram worthy wedding you’re guests won’t forget.
  • REDUCE the family stress, bridal party drama free and get the support you need.  
  • INCREASE your knowledge of wedding lingo fundamentals and learn to communicate with vendors to get exactly what you want.
  • UNLOCK the secret of seamless wedding planning, wedding etiquette, learn to juggle it all to feel the satisfaction of success. 

I support my dreams as wedding planner & event designer

saving couples hundreds of hours researching, avoiding regretful decisions and planning pitfalls so you can focus on what matters — you and your partner's happiness.

You’re probably here because you feeling drained, defeated, and lost planning your wedding and unsure of what you should be doing. Or you’re newly engaged and are already feeling the overwhelm on where to start am I right, huh? Gurl, I feel your pain, planning a wedding is no joke. I know because I've been at this for over two decades.

You have a to-do list that's a mile long and working full-time but I understand not everyone has a budget for a full-service planner and day of wedding coordinators only lend a hand about a month before your big day.


The alternative is you are left Googling for generic checklists, timelines, budget calculators, dealing with Pinterest overload flying by the seat of your pants.

 With hundreds of unfamiliar logistical to consider and you want it to be perfect -why do it alone?

Hi, I'm Veronica and work with brides and grooms virtually and help create their dream wedding. I've got good news- you're in the right place! Pour a glass of champs, kick your heels off and dance all the way down the aisle, consider your wedding planning handled.



"Reading bridal magazines and watching wedding shows does not make you a planner; with Veronica, I learned better techniques to instantly plan my perfect wedding. Her uncanny way of thinking outside the box made saved me from making costly mistakes and wasting precious time. She's a godsend."- Desiree, Bride




"I admit I was pretty clueless about the whole wedding thing, even when the date kept getting closer and closer. But as that was happening I watched my [then] fiancé get more, and more stressed so when she asked if we could hire a wedding planner I gave in and told her I would trust her to find someone good. I'm pretty certain that no one but Veronica could have helped us create such a perfect wedding. My stress actually lessened as the date approached! And so did my wife's. "-Daniel, Groom


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"Veronica is very hands on and willing to go the extra mile to help her couples. She's also an excellent listener and great at talking stressed out brides down from whatever ledge they've climbed onto. She even helped me pick out my wedding gown, which was a wonderful experience."-Jillian, Bride

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