The Science Behind Wedding Planning

Beyond wedding planning,  I’m a self proclaimed nerd who loves science and researching new things.

Therefore today’s experiment is through scientific research, to anewer the question “Is planning a wedding more than a bunch of check lists?”


What does wedding planning even consist of?


Who are the best vendors for you? What are the services they provide? Are they available for your event? What’s their style? Have you seen all the vendors there are to see? Are you missing one? Will they still be in business once your day comes?


What are the true cost of each aspect? What do you really need? What’s the reasoning behind the cost? Where are the best resources? Where should you put the largest emphasis to get the most value?

It’s important realize that this is probably one of the most expensive days of your life. For instance, if your budget is somewhere around $5,000; which tends to be modest and your ceremony and reception are 5 hours, you are spending $1,000 per hour to celebrate your nuptials. Do you entertain your family and friends like this everyday? If so then give me a call, we definitely need to hang out.


The number of logistics involved in planning a wedding are astounding (in case you missed it, again click here). Once couples are engaged they become consumed with are checking things off the list. After beginning the wedding planning process, they get the feeling that they’re behind schedule before even starting. They begin to understand there is more behind planning a wedding then the checklists advise and often it’s conflicting information from one checklist to the next. Who would have thought?


Kathleen is a in her early 30’s. She is a professional and too busy to completely focus on planning her big day. She wants a uniquely themed event that ties in the style and personalities of her and her fiancé. From the moment she got the ring on her finger she thought she was doing everything right; subscribing to the top blogs and magazines, as well as listening to the wise words of her recently married bff from college. With her busy schedule and limited experience, the planning process became quickly overwhelming. After sitting down reading a budget checklist, she becomes completely perplexed. How could she create a realistic wedding budget over nothing because she had no idea how much things cost? The budget is only the first step, how was she even going to continue? Who is she going to call? What vendor will fit their personalities? She began looking at different checklists? They were all conflicting? What was she to do next?


Couples become overwhelmed, that leads stress, and after all the stress the planning process is becomes far from enjoyable. Which it should be. They suddenly realize they do not know the intricate details to arrange. Looking through the sheets and sheets of checklist, they finally realize these lists are not customized to cater toward their event.


Do your homework. Remain in control of your event: Don’t let a list be your only guide.  

Budget knowledge:

Know your market. You have to do your research before you create one.

Create More Buying Power:

Ask an event professional to make a recommendation to vendor they have a relationship with.

Creative Solutions:

Hire a planner, they’ve seen it all, done it all and know how to deal with the stressful situations  

Keep your Sanity:

Again hire a planner, ask around, and take your time to get things done in order to make wise spending decisions.

Overall, a couple does not need a plethora of general checklists but a customized planning process. So absolutely! Wedding planning is more than a bunch of check lists.

So take a deep breath, and remember to keep calm and wed on my friend.


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