About Us

Planning a wedding is an art-form

“In order to get to the pretty, you’ve got to go through the nitty gritty.”


You need both the skills and the right tools for a flawless orchestration. The best planners have close relationships with the best creative partners, build personalization into their events wherever possible and masterfully choose how to put their couples dollars to work. Whether it’s $10,000 or $10,000,000 budgets are what they are, it’s up to a skillful wedding planner to allocate what they have as wisely as possible.

That is where I come in.

Hello Loves! My name is Veronica Cole and I specialize in designing uniquely themed weddings and events. I’ve been captivated by the artistic process of creating enchanting and originally styled celebrations since I can remember. I have been called the Albert Einstein of event production, the encyclopedia of knowledge and know-how, and the human search engine for all things fabulous. Born and raised in the DMV (Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia) region, I’ve had a love affair with all things sophisticated, lavash and avant-garde since I can remember.

AS WITH MANY GOOD FAIRYTALES, my story begins in New York City. My love affair and eye for exquisite design were developed there as a young girl. On frequent trips with my parents to Manhattan I found myself entranced by the energy of Time’s Square, the glow from Rockefeller Center, and the immaculate window displays on 5th Avenue; especially during the holiday season. Broadway shows and the city’s fine events seeded my passion for creating majestic ambiances and my love of theatre and live music. These visits not only allowed me to appreciate beautiful things but a show of unbelievable hospitality at some of the finest stores like Tiffany’s and hotels such as The Plaza also set my high standard for excellence. Despite the fact I was a child they treated me with respect and like gold. I was always fascinated and took note.

I grew up as was one of those theatrical kids who loved to take initiative. Being part of the theatre world: full of creativity, an organization I understood how to make a production appear to go off without a hitch (the show must go on). Not only do I love and appreciate a beautiful set design and celebration, but I thrive on all the behind-the-scenes logistics and hard work that goes into making the magic happen.

DURING MY COLLEGE YEARS, I‘d spend countless hours volunteering the wedding coordinator for my closest girlfriends. I was the one that knew them best and helping them bring their wedding dreams to life was the only thing I loved doing in my spare time. In 1997, I blossomed my infatuation with wedding planning into a tantalizing career when I landed a coveted position with a notable high-end upscale event planner in Washington D.C. There I experienced the pleasure of honing my craft while mix and mingling with a variety of distinguished creative event planning partners you see on WeTV today.
I had fallen in love with the wedding and event design and has devoted myself to the delicate blending of luxury and excellence. So in 2006, I moved on to open my own boutique wedding and event design company in combining my love for beautifully designed celebrations, finely tuned eye and natural ability to get to know my client’s distinct personalities in a New York minute. My pride is reclaiming the planning process as the most fabulous part of my client’s engagement! This unique service blended with budget-conscious planning, stress elimination, and client-specific event construction, I revolve around the simple philosophy: only exceptional ideas reflect my client’s exceptional styles.

NOW ALL GROWN UP, event design and production have become my passion (believe it or not large or small all weddings are a production). As a certified event designer and wedding planner, I enjoy making the planning process painless for you; consider me the Olivia Pope of the event planning world- I am your Gladiator facilitator, communicator, and negotiator!

• Vendor selections? Handled

• Wedding attire? Handled

• Destination research? Handled

• All those pesky details you forgot about (room blocks, escort cards, transportation)? Handled

• I go anywhere and do anything to make my clients weddings beyond Pinterest-worthy. They are unique, highly personalized and one-of-a-kind. Done, done and done!

Be it schedule management, vendor research, or room design – consider it handled! With over two decades of awards and experience in the industry, I am excited to use my extensive knowledge of the “ins and outs” of the industry to help you create a wedding for you and inspired by you.

As some committed to excellence, whether it’s a lavish celebration, whimsical backyard wedding, an idyllic elopement, or exchanging vows at a faraway tropic destination, I work passionately to bring my client’s vision to life. I love my couples and their families – they are truly beautiful people and I am blessed to have the opportunity to be an integral part one of the most important milestones in their lives.

With my pint-sized pooch Bentley, by my side, and a lemon drop martini in hand I am excited to help guide you through the planning process and make this experience delightful from start to finish.

* * *